Precisely on the commemoration of Indonesian Independece Day, Suroboyo Bus has launched its new route on the MERR line. The long-awaited new route officially operates on August 17, 2019.

The current situation inside Suroboyo Bus

The opening of the new route manifested as a form of fulfilling requests from Surabaya’s residents since there has been no Suroboyo Bus route in the MERR area previously. The obligation remains the same in which the passengers need to bring plastic bottles with certain conditions. By swapping bottles for bus tickets, it is useful to help reduce plastic waste.

The new routes in the MERR area start from Jalan Kenjeran to Gunung Anyar. At Gunung Anyar, it starts from the U-Turn Jalan Gunung Anyar Timur. Then, head north until the third turn of Jalan Kenjeran that leads to Kenjeran Park. Moreover, this bus will also pass several points such as Galaxy Mall, Kendangsari Hospital, ITS, etc.

Park and Ride Jalan Arief Rachman Hakim No. 100, Surabaya

The length of the MERR route is around 27 kilometers and along the route there are 35 bus stops as well as bus station. This number will continue to be evaluated in line with the needs in the field. Therefore, if it is deemed lacking, then it will add a few more of bus stops.

During the launch, there were only 3-4 bus fleets used to serve this new route. However, people do not need to worry about waiting for the arrival of Suroboyo Bus since it can be monitored on the Gobis Suroboyo Bus application.


Furthermore, Suroboyo Bus is also completed with direction’s voice over, narrated with three languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Suroboyoan. This becomes the other uniqueness and appeal from the bus instead of its eye catching design.

Suroboyo Bus’s officer gives the ticket to the passengers

Starting today, hopefully Surabaya’s residents will start using Suroboyo Bus and other public transportation due to the some advantages starting from reducing congestion, decreasing pollution, saving fuel, up to the issue of student’s safety. We hope that students under 17 years old or haven’t received their driving license are expected to be able to use the Suroboyo Bus, mainly for mutual safety.